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The power of words

power of words

Psychotherapy is a form of talking therapy. We go into the so called words’ room and we speak about many things that were unspoken before. Because what remains unspoken contributes to our symptoms; what remains unexpressed – perhaps even repressed – hurts us just as much as any traumatic event. By sharing our deepest truth, by putting it into words, we process things that we couldn’t process before. This is how we start healing.

This is one way to look at how powerful words are. But there’s more. Think about how many words we use every single day, not only when we speak, but also in our inner chat: it’s non stop, our days are flooded by an almost constant flow of words and this hugely affects the way we feel.

Observe, fo one day, the flow of words you say and think, and notice the quality of the words you use: are they positive or negative words? Examples of positive words and expressions could be: I love you, joy, peace, balance, happiness, gratitude, appreciation, you are beautiful. Negative ones could be: I hate you, gross, bad, violence, you make me sick. Notice how different you feel when you read out these positive or negative words.

“Words are the vibration of nature. Therefore, beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.”

– Dr Masaru Emoto

This is how water reacts when exposed to different words and music.


Words are energy, like everything else really. They vibrate to a certain frequency and this frequency has an impact on our vibration and energy levels. Every word we choose is important, just as every word we are exposed to is important. When we watch a horror movie, for example, or even the news, we expose ourselves to many negative words and images. The same happens when we listen to music and I am sure that you can all relate to the fact that music can change the way we feel: not always for the better.

If you are interested to learn more about this, I suggest that you look at Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work. And this is actually the pearl of joy I want to share with you. The first time I came across Emoto’s work I felt astonished by the beauty of the water crystals and that brought me so much joy and reassurance.

I felt reassured that I have a choice, that I can change the way I feel by consciously choosing the words I say out loud and in my mind. By consciously choosing the words, sounds and images I expose myself to.


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