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How to go back to the “old me”?

As you may know, I recently became the Agony Aunt for Natalie Trice‘s blog, The Rebel Pebble. The first question I have answered to, is a question that many women may have pondered on since becoming mothers – what about the old me?

“I have spent the past seven years being pregnant, breast-feeding, having sleepless nights, going to soft play and generally being a mum. I gave up my career in HR to be at home with the children and will never regret that decision but they are now both at full-time school and I am feeling a little lost. It is hard to fit my old career into school hours, I feel like my body is working against me and as if I just don’t fit anywhere. I would love to know how to get my life and figure back in shape so the old me comes back again”. 

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