Francesca Moresi – Psychotherapy in London and Online



I had planned to offer retreats before the pandemic started, and the pandemic stopped me. Now more than ever I want to organise retreats where we can meet and powerfully work together in groups.

With all this online work we could all benefit from connecting with each other and with nature, exploring different themes. I have some ideas…

  • The first retreat I have planned is called Playing with the Shadow and is about the Jungian concept of shadow. Throughout a group experience we will work on the hidden aspects of the personality: we will bring to light those parts of the self that are most neglected and ignored. By constantly carrying around a heavy, invisible luggage we become exhausted and lethargic, sometimes we may even experience physical pain or illness.  In this workshop we give the Shadow the opportunity to come on stage and enact: it’s a process to bring something from the dark to the light, to get to know it.
    When we get to know and assimilate our shadows, we get closer to our authentic self, beyond any conditioning. This is hugely relieving and will lead to a sense of integrity, coherence, wholeness and balance.
  • Another retreat that I want to propose is called Embodiment. It will focus on the connection to yourself and to your body. We will use Pranayama and Breathwork techniques to discover and foster that connection. Benefits will include a new ability to listen to your body, to feel your emotions and to understand your needs. There will also be a group therapeutic experience where to process your findings and get the support you may need.
  • The last retreat I have planned aims to support people to improve their relationship with money. In fact we often focus on the relationship with others or on the relationship with ourselves, but money remains a taboo. In my experience as a therapist I have noticed that almost everyone struggles in their relationship with money. We will dare exploring behind the taboo, unraveling fears and limiting beliefs. We will let them go and create space for something new and healthier.

The pandemic had delayed the retreats, hopefully I will be able to start next spring…stay tuned!