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My Book

During the lockdowns I have taken the time to write a book. Although lockdowns have been challenging, they have allowed enough silence for me to be creative and get to write.

I usually plan and organise many aspects of my life, especially my work. But this project was not planned or organised; I only wrote when I felt I had something to write. I have been very in tune with my intuition, I simply let the words flow.

In a nutshell, this book is about finding and expressing your most authentic self. It draws from both my professional and personal experience.

My book is a journey through the many obstacles that sabotage our ability to connect with ourselves and express ourselves freely; and about what we can do, instead, to actually foster that. 

You will read about cultural impositions, personality, shadow parts, conscious choices, likes and dislikes, guilt, responsibility, perception, emotions, limiting beliefs, high functioning anxiety, gratitude, control, competition, love, discipline, joy and many more.

At the beginning of each paragraph you will find a quote from a wide variety of authors that incapsulate the concept I address.

At the end of each paragraph you will find a practical exercise to act on what you have learnt and to bring change into your life. I will guide you through every layer, I will help you become more aware of yourself and let go of what no longer serves you. Like peeling an onion you will find your core, your inner voice, your true self: this book will show you how to honour it and express it freely.

The book has been written in Italian, my mother tongue, and it’s in the final steps of the editing process. It will then be translated in English.

I cannot wait to have my very first copy in my hands and to share it with you all.