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Case study: Finding Mr Right

Helen (fantasy name) had every reason to be happy, apparently.

Successful, wealthy, surrounded by many friends; she has been living in London for a long time now and has always led an international lifestyle. On the surface, she also looks confident and enviable. But this is far away from how she suddenly started to feel. Despite her success, the glamorous parties and exotic weekends away, Helen realised that focusing on work – and the opportunities it gave her – was not helping to erase the desire of having a loving partner in her life.

She started to feel low and to have trouble sleeping; she felt lonely, anxious and insecure.

When this started to affect her working life, Helen decided it was time to make a change.

So she came into my therapy room, and soon we had tailored and agreed on a six-month relationship counselling programme which focused on achieving her goal: finding Mr Right.

Working step-by-step, we identified her obstacles as well as her resources. Moving forward and bringing action into her life she became able to understand the kind of man she wanted and the strategies needed to get him. Helen felt that she was finally dismissing her script. For years she run into the same kind of men who hurt and disappointed her. As soon as she we removed blocks and limiting beliefs, her own attitude towards men changed and this allowed her to run into different, more committed and kinder men, until she eventually found the right one for her.

We finished our work together 8 months ago and she has been in a committed relationship since then. Also, her symptoms are gone: no more anxiety, trouble sleeping, nor low mood. Helen started to enjoy her life again, to appreciate every moment of it; her well-being rapidly increased and she found her equilibrium. Counselling helped to boost her confidence as well, which then improved Helen’s working life.

This very successful story shows how effective counselling is, how powerful can be its impact on our lives. Of course Helen had to commit to the process and she was the one to bring change and empowerment to her life; she was the one who had the courage to stretch her comfort zone and try something new and challenging. It has not been easy at the beginning but results payed back!

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