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Overcoming stress to keep a career – and a marriage – intact

Marc (fantasy name) is a charming and sharp entrepreneur who developed a great career path. His wife followed him around the globe before they decide to settle in London; they had two intelligent children and enjoyed their life very much.

However, when Marc started to travel very frequently for his work, something cracked; he started to feel anxious and low about not seeing his family as much as he wanted. Travelling was also very tiring for him and he often felt nervous and irritable, unable to sleep well. This affected the quality of the time he could spend with his wife and children, as well as his performance at work. He began to feel negative emotions such as anger and frustration, and felt he could no longer concentrate, both at work and at home.

Marc came to me with an incredible amount of stress and I helped him to recover his well-being and serenity.

Finding someone he felt comfortable disclosing his problem to was instantly very therapeutic for Marc. As someone who was used to being in charge, he kept everything inside and the expression of his emotions was very important for his recovery. We planned some sessions of Mindfulness along his Gestalt therapy path; as expected, this had several benefits. In fact, Mindfulness helped him to regulate his emotions, relieve stress, and improve his sleep; he was able to savor the pleasure of life again, his ability to concentrate improved significantly and he discovered a greater capacity to deal with adverse events.

After achieving this powerful progress, we planned couple of further sessions with his wife, in order to restore balance in his family. They worked on their communications issues and conflicts; together they made important choices for their life and their future, re-discovering the love and respect they have for each other. Marc now has a far better balance between his professional and personal life.

Within eight months Marc and his family overcame their problems and developed a more aware, happy way to live their lives.


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