Francesca Moresi – Psychotherapy & Counselling in London

What’s worrying you?

Psychotherapy will provide you with professional support when you feel low, anxious or stressed, and it can guide you along a path of positive change. Therapy can help you deal with difficult events and overcome challenging times in your life: the right approach will enable you to regain your equilibrium and get back to normal, but feeling stronger and revitalised.

My areas of expertise include:

· Depression and postnatal depression
· Anxiety and panic disorder
· Stress and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
· Low self-esteem / self-confidence
· Family and relationship issues
· Communication issues
· Burnout and work-related stress
· Body image disturbances
· Bullying
· Emotional abuse
· Personality disorders

· Loss and bereavement
· Couple issues / affairs and betrayals
· Pregnancy, motherhood, parenting
· Separation and divorce
· Life transitions and change
· Abortion and miscarriage

Book a private consultation or enquire about my services

I will understand your needs and suggest a program that suits you.


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